G7M with Bonediviton Bonediviton Prescribing a single oral high dose can simplify medication management compared to multiple smaller daily doses. The only prescription strength that meets international guidelines. Vit D is stored in adipose tissues and occasionally redistributed into the bloodstream, with a long half-life of 2 weeks to 3 months. Thus, vitamin D may not require daily replenishment to avoid accumulation in adipose tissue, and the risk for toxicity begins to increase. Weekly, biweekly, and monthly boluses achieve rapid absorption of fat-soluble cholecalciferol by adipose tissue, ensuring long-term availability.Vit D deficiency and insufficiency are rapidly corrected by Bonediviton 50,000 IU of vit D once a week for 8 weeks. G7M Proud did creative concept, visuals, designs, cadscopywtiting and advertisment material designs for bonedivision medication.